We build a strong network for our board members and directors who have recognized themselves as "board-ready" by providing certain skill sets, board details, and other important information. We also help to build qualified "Board members" to mentor "Board ready" members.

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MMB conducts special events for board members and directors that will help you manage your board roles better and help you grow your businesses faster with right board structures in place which are primarily scheduled weekly or monthly with affordable rates.

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The first step to moving forward would be self-assessment and knowing where your capabilities belong. Once that happens, the next step would be the desire to learn by mentoring under industry experts, impact subject matters, and exceptional mentors. We bring our experienced mentors to your assistance in a group or a one-to-one format.

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MMB directs towards different robust government practices, compliances, and insights that make the board competitive with various tools, advisory guidance, and consulting through industry experts on the platform.

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Perfection to give satisfaction.

For directors, we provide them healthy transition, whether it's helping them to create network of like minded directors, assist in their board processes, elevate their leadership experience, grooming their board roles, or get access to eminent Board Mentors, we offer state of art platform and Board services and board assistance to ensure the greatest value for you


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Transforming your mind and broadening your vision.

MMB helps to transform directors and board members to run their organization smoothly with effective skillsets and learning. With this, they can see higher engagement, more positivity, an inclusive workplace, and better leadership qualities. Directors who have access to MMB courses, see more promotion, skill development, increased confidence, and better personal and professional outcome.

Our special skillset include-
  • Leadership Skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Finacial Literacy skill
  • Negotiation skills
  • Goal setting skills

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Directors and Aspiring Directors

With directors and board members, corporates can also benefit from MMB courses that will empower senior management executives and C-Suit employees and organisations to improve through the proven benefits from mentoring.


Business owners / Enterpreneurs

Guide your business with us.

Start up Directors

If you are a startup, let us help you grow.

Promoter Directors

We give your Board and Leadership a new perspective with relevant skillsets.

Independent Directors

Be Effective, well informed and Participative Board Leader with us.

Aspiring Directors

Learn from us. Grow with us.

Women Directors

You are born to lead.

Foreign Directors

We make your business smooth & convenient.

Business leaders

A complete guide for aspiring business leaders


we offer state of art courses to a team of Professionals

Exclusive Events, Lifetime Learning.

MMB events give an effective learning experience to directors and board members for you to experience different aspects of mentoring. Here are some upcoming events that would benefit you.

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Building the future with effective assistance.

With different courses, we also provide you with different types of assistance, right from finance, liability insurance to Self-evaluation and governance, we make your experience smooth with us.

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    Compliance Assitance
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    Finance Assistance
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    Insaurnce Assistance
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    Document wallet
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    Self- evaluation
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    Board evaluation
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    Board Advisory
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    Board Opportunity
Online courses for vairous board roles
Learn on various board skills at your convenient time
Sharpen your board skills with exclusively curated board courses
Grow in your business and board journey with enhanced learning and awarness

Learning made interesting for you.

MMB offers effective mentoring programs to see higher results with the organization that will help you to develop the goal and skills through different courses which included one on one mentoring, other learning activities, group mentoring, etc.


Connect with your space.

MMB will help you grow your network from fix facetime meetings, access different board opportunities to a long-lasting relationship. Building your network while attending different courses can help you grow your skillset and business.

  • Facetime Meetings
  • Access to board meetings
  • Mentoring and support
  • Expert Human library
  • Long lasting relationship
  • Raised profile
VISION & Mision

Our Vision and Mission


To be the most preferred one stop solutions provider for Directors and Boardrooms worldwide.


To create a platform which facilitates Directors to build on their capabilities for the Board roles, get access to a community of Directors and Board services under one roof which helps them perform their roles efficiently and effectively.


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Our clients are a happy lot and seek engaging experiences, and this motivates us time and again to deliver our best.