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A platform to create enriched Boardrooms and empowered Directors.

Sharing experiences, impacting communities, foraging breakthroughs and enriching perspectives come as a virtue of communities. The MMB Director's community is a hotspot of information exchange and immersive circle of interactive exchanges. Be it mock boardroom meeting, leadership talks, muster meetings, the idea is grooming directors to be Board ready. We have developed a platform that will impact your leadership positions and enrich your experiences with value-based and life-long learnings.

Why You Should Engage With Us?

To be associated with this platform is creating avenues for insightful and endearing practices. This is a unique platform, first of its kind in India, that is meant to service the comprehensive requirements of Boardroom and Leadership positions.

We have assimilated the different aspects of enriching boardrooms and leadership experiences through learning and mentoring to effect professional and informed Boards.

Grooming Directors on their Board roles

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The ability to Learn and Implement is Efficient than
the Practice to Try and Perfect

  • Benefits of mentoring

    The Best in the Industry Experts can now be
    your Mentors

    Our expert panel of mentors help Directors by handholding to scale-up, attain higher growth and enrich Boardroom journeys


    Remain informed and vigilant of the industry prescribed norms and practices.


    Stay informed of your roles, responsibilities and rights.

    Board Member

    Participate and activate Boards to be responsive & vigilant.


    Probe and challenge Boardroom decisions to clarify.


    Our clients are a happy lot and seek engaging experiences, and this motivates us time and again to deliver our best.

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