We at MMB, invite you to a journey ahead that is nurturing your professional aspirations and expectations.

MentorMyBoard is about Creating, Enabling, and Empowering Directors to make sustainable and dynamic boards considering the diverse portfolio and demands of an organization. At MMB, we are offering a platform that prepares Directors for ethical leadership, robust governance practices, borderless compliance, and insights that in turn make competitive boards potentially prevalent.

We make Directors attuned to
  • Perpetual Learning & Collaboration
  • Exposed to real-world board challenges
  • Critical leadership review and resolution
  • Handle diverse and exceptional boardrooms dynamics
  • Create a growth trajectory
What Motivates Us
  • Focus on Positioning compliance as a strategic management tool by transforming the Mindset of directors.
  • Empowering Directors to Unleash their own potential that can effectively contribute to Boardrooms.
  • Facilitating a platform that is one of its kind, and which brings together diverse Boards and Directors to best leverage the strength of each.
Need for Board Mentoring

Director's roles and responsibilities are also consistently demanding and changing drastically in the National and International landscape. The demand for dynamic, visionary Directors and futuristic Boards is emerging substantially due to increased responsibilities imposed under the Companies Act 2013.

In such a scenario Director should engage in -
  • Self-Assessment of Boardroom mechanics
  • Evaluating hard-wired practices and reforming
  • Understanding changing Board dynamics and staying updated.
  • Abiding by prescribed industry norms and critical responsibilities.
  • Building futuristic boards and Success Planning
  • Setting agile Board cultures
  • Building Board diversity
What We Do
  • We prepare Directors for dynamic Boards and leadership challenges.
  • We mentor Directors to worldly insights and expectations of emerging boards highlighting the importance of how under Performance, due diligence, weak governance, and moral authority can be perilous to the Director, the company, and their image.
  • Often Directors are unaided with support and information for decision making and our Mentoring captures the essence of perpetual learning. We engage Directors to explore the diverse challenges they are facing and seek answers.
  • As Corporate Directors, we train you to leadership roles and obligations in the Indian landscape capturing holistically the Board & Leadership requirements and due diligence.
  • We assist in the Director Recruitment and nomination process of the Boards.
How Are We Unique ?
  • We have been guiding diverse boards for over a decade now.
  • We have a ready pool of trained Directors, Independent Directors, Women Directors to empower corporate boards.
  • We emphasize practicality in facing challenges, handling risks, and planning strategies.
  • We infuse fresh thinking and unexplored perspectives through our mentoring.
  • We deliver visionary Directors and ethical Boards.
  • We engage in a holistic development experience for Directors, ensuring a one-point solution to all their professional needs.
  • We are offering a unique and one of its kind platform in India for Director Networking.
  • We handhold Directors in their Boardroom journeys.
  • We have a pool of 1000 plus versatile Directors.
  • We bring a dedicated panel of 150 plus expert Mentors.
  • Our Mentoring programs enhance board participation that improves and quicken strategic and policy decision-making, resulting in the ultimate growth of the Organization.


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MMB helps to transform directors and board members to run their organization smoothly with effective skillsets and learning

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Our Mission

To create a platform that facilitates Directors to build on their capabilities for the Board roles, get access to a community of Directors and Board services under one roof which helps them perform their roles efficiently and effectively.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred one-stop solutions provider for Directors and Boardrooms worldwide.

Founding Team
  • A fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
  • Certified Corporate Director and a member of Institute of Directors.
  • Immaculate industry experience of more than 15 years in Corporate & Securities Laws.
  • A powerful communicator and a great motivator.

Divya Momaya is a Practising Company Secretary for the last 10 years. She comes with a valuable experience of 15 years and has served some known corporate during this tenure. Divya is a proprietor at D.S Momaya & Co. Ms. Divya is a distinguished advisor on the Companies Act, Securities Laws, SEBI Guidelines, Economic and Business, Corporate Restructuring, and Allied Laws. She is an expert in formulating Board Processes and Policies. She advises and assists various Boards of listed companies and private sector companies in varying capacities. She regularly appears before CLB, ROC, RD, SAT RBI, Stock Exchanges, and other authorities. Divya's burning desire is to see some imminent boards undergoing a professional transformation under her mentoring. She is also a member of IMC, BNI, JITO, MEDC and actively participates in various roles in all their activities.

  • IICA Certified Corporate Director
  • Industry experience of more than 15 years in HR, Business Mentoring and Change Mentor

Neha is an experienced professional with a strong background in HR and compliance, ensuring regulatory adherence. She holds a postgraduate degree in HR and has accumulated 15 years of industry experience.

Neha began her career at Kotak Life Insurance and Future Group, where she gained valuable insights into corporate culture and practices. Building on this foundation, she transitioned into the field of compliance, where she successfully handled compliance matters for both private limited and LLP companies.

In addition to her expertise in compliance, Neha also serves as a Change Mentor, facilitating and driving transformative initiatives within organizations. Her ability to guide and inspire others has made her an invaluable asset to numerous businesses.

Neha is associated with the JITO Business Networking Forum, a community that fosters meaningful connections among professionals and Entrepreneurs from various industries. Through this affiliation, she actively contributes to the growth and development of the business community.

With her diverse skill set, industry experience, and passion for driving positive change, Neha Shah continues to make significant contributions to MentorMyBoard and the organizations she collaborates with.

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