To Register as Mentor, Please post a request to the Admin, Team MMB

Search for the Directors in the TAB at the top and then Connect with the person. You can send them personal messages to connect and start following each other.

On the right side top corner, from the DropDown Menu, you can choose to change your password settings.

Search for the Members in the TAB at the top and then Connect with the person.

For getting connected to Mentors of your connect with them through chat messages and follow their mentoring courses and Modules to upgrade your skills.

on Login to the Platform, First update your Profile. You have started following all the Mentors on the Platform. Get connected to them and start your conversations through Messages and Create your Post by sharing what you are thinking on your Home Page. Any assistance, you can write to Billennium Divas Team in Messages section

you can fix appointment with any of the connections you have on the platform by clicking on My Meetings section on the Right Hand Side of your Screen. identify name you want to meet with, add brief agenda, time, date and fix the appointment. Happy Networking!

To Fix appointment with the Mentor, Identify the Mentor, Block their session on requisite skill you would like to get mentored on and get connected to the Mentor.