MentorMyBoard is a one of its kind governance tech platform in India connecting Directors Mentors and Corporates

  1. Directors join the platform to learn, sharpen their Board Skills, network and be in the exclusive community of Board Leaders of Corporate India
  2. Mentors join the Platform to share their knowledge, skills and build better Board Leaders of tomorrow. They also join this platform to create additional sources of revenue for themselves.
  3. Corporates join the platform to upskill their existing board leaders, identify new board leaders, and use various tools, knowledge, products, services on the platform for bettering their corporate governance practices for sustainable growth.

When you become Member, you join exclusive Circle of Directors!

Monthly Member engagement, exclusive free courses, sessions and events are open only for members! Network freely on the platform and increase your connections and build relationships that can give you results in the form of growth either in your business or in your career.

MentorMyBoard Platform is for

  1. Promoters / founders / Entrepreneurs aspiring to grow their business
  2. Independent Directors
  3. Women Directors
  4. Startup Directors
  5. Foreign Directors
  6. Aspiring Directors
  7. Professionals
  8. Senior Management Executives aiming to get escalated to Boards

For getting connected to Mentors of your connect with them through chat messages and follow their mentoring courses and Modules to upgrade your skills.

on Login to the Platform, First update your Profile. You have started following all the Mentors on the Platform. Get connected to them and start your conversations through Messages and Create your Post by sharing what you are thinking on your Home Page. Any assistance, you can write to Billennium Divas Team in Messages section

Yes! Platform gives you access to professionalise your Top Leadership with better corporate governance practices.

You can sharpen your skills, create your advisory Board, network with fellow board leaders, get access to various resources, products and services, compliance assistance and expert Mentor guidance at your fingertips.

you can fix appointment with any of the connections you have on the platform by clicking on My Meetings section on the Right Hand Side of your Screen. identify name you want to meet with, add brief agenda, time, date and fix the appointment. Happy Networking!

To Fix appointment with the Mentor, Identify the Mentor, Block their session on requisite skill you would like to get mentored on and get connected to the Mentor.

Search for the Directors in the TAB at the top and then Connect with the person. You can send them personal messages to connect and start following each other.

To Register as Mentor, Please post a request to the Admin, Team MMB

Search for the Members in the TAB at the top and then Connect with the person.

MentorMyBoard is a platform that helps you sharpen your skills, network with fellow directors, board leaders, promoters and get access to various resources to keep you updated on the curve of board leadership.

There are opportunities created on the platform and you can post your Profiles for being open to board positions! With use of AI, Corporates can locate your profiles when suiting to their requirements! Hence keep your profiles uptodate. BE VISIBLE BE IN THE POOL OF BEING BOARD READY and right Opportunities will get attracted

Startup Journey is a lonely entrepreneurial journey with various challenges, turbulences, lack of resources, lack of guidance and can be stressful sometimes!

Platform of MentorMyBoard opens doors of curating your Advisory Board, identifying right mentors for you who can handhold you, guide you and navigate you through this journey called STARTUPS!

Platform helps you grow with good governance practices starting from nascent stage of your Corporate Journey!