Financial matter Aligned.

MMB through its different financial advisory partners, present you with some of the unique investment strategies and portfolio management assistance. Some of the special products are

a) Strategy Shop- A new range of investing and trading strategies. Study the strategy and its past performance, and based on your risk profile and loss-taking ability, select the one that best suits you. Execute strategies, Thematic Baskets, or Alpha strategies by subscribing to the required service and accepting the terms of the concerned advice provider. Seamless execution of trades via ODIN Connector Integration ensures that every strategy execution is just one click away.

b) Portfolio Management Services- PMS of PL aims to offer assistance in delivering long-term growth to investors. We offer solutions-based portfolio management services on complete need analysis that are uniquely designed to meet growth needs in a holistic manner. With PL PMS, you get the benefit of professional money management.


Chat with us to get quick solution to your challenges.

Get access to our special 24*7 assistance through chat and get solutions to your blocks and challenges. (We respond within 24 hours to our privileged members and within a two days to our guests)


We make them come to you.

We build a strong network for our board members and directors who have recognized themselves as "board-ready" by providing certain skill sets, board details, and other important information. We also help to build qualified "Board members" to mentor "Board ready" members.

Compliance Assistance

Your convienece is our priority.

With our Compliance Assistance we provide our Directors with 24 x 7 assistance for your Board Management, Time Management meetings Management, compliance Management and other secretarial assistance like changes in your directorships/ capital structuring, taxation, treasury management.


You dream it. We build it.

With MMB, we offer you with several Board Opportunities brings together diverse Boards and Directors to best leverage strength of each other.


We efficiently Manage your Critical Board related Papers and documents safely.

MentorMyBoard platform helps Directors, Promoters, Independent Directors to manage their important Board Papers, Board Notes, Important Documents at one place on this platform under document management section by capturing them digitally and supporting due compliance. We also plan your Board Meetings more effectively with our partners, with complete board management assistance.


Brand your director

As a Business Leader or a Board aspirant, you need unique combination of skills and experiences that make you who you are.

At MentorMyBoard, we assist you with elite network and assistance in your social profiles building, wherein you can opinionate and offer subject matter expertise. Be identified as a domain expert and attract eminent Board & Leadership positions.


Our clients are a happy lot and seek engaging experiences, and this motivates us time and again to deliver our best.