The Membership Process
Fill in the application form. We would like to know you, your passion for mentorship, your areas of experience and expertise, and your preferred areas for mentorship. Our team will get in touch with you for any more information and to ensure that the application is complete in all respects.
Processing of application by MentorMyBoard
The application would then be reviewed by our Mentorship Panel. The Mentorship Panel would look for functional expertise, subject matter expertise, industry experience, and specific competencies. Publications, presentation of papers in conference, trademarks, and copyrights adds weight to your application. A Certified Mentor is preferred, but not compulsory. The Mentorship Panel will recommend your application for acceptance after making sure that you are a good fit to be a mentor for a particular discipline or specific role.
You will receive an email confirming the acceptance of your application. You will also be assigned a Point of Contact (POC) Officer who will take you through the documentation process of the mentorship agreement.
Creating your profile
Once the documentation process is completed, you will receive the login identification and the password to the Mentorship platform of MentorMyBoard. Your POC officer will give you a guided tour of the platform and will help you create your profile, complete with your qualification, experience, expertise, services, and contact details.
Profile Acceptance
Meeting with a Member of the MentorMyBoard Membership Panel This meeting is to exchange thoughts on how to make your mentorship journey with MentorMyBoard exciting and useful. You are also invited to ask any questions that you may have about the Mentorship process.
Meeting MentorMyBoard Membership Panel
Start your Mentorship
You are now ready to start your mentorship journey with MentorMyBoard. You are encouraged to contribute Blogs, publish articles, submit podcasts, and take part in networking events to make yourself more visible on the platform. Your POC Officer will help you all along and match mentees based on your areas of mentorship.
Start your Mentorship!
become a mentor
Please fill the form to become a become a mentor

We would like to know as much as you can fill, to expedite the process of interview making you part of our MentorMyBoard family

Advantages of becoming a Mentor with MentorMyBoard
Make an impactful difference!

MentorMyBoard offers opportunities for group mentoring as well as one-on-one mentoring for aspiring directors and senior management executives. You get to work with mentees who are working on important projects and roles. As a result, a successful mentorship can make a positive, lasting impact on the mentee as well as the business she /he represents.

Sharpen your Leadership skills!

When you work with them, you also sharpen and validate your management and leadership skills. You will gain new perspectives to broaden your vision. You may also get an opportunity for reverse-mentoring especially in areas of new technologies and the like, from the mentees.

Get advisory roles!

As you grow and become a successful mentor, you will get further opportunities for advisory board roles to broaden your reach and horizon with larger projects.

Earn while you share your experience and expertise.

Use the MentorMyBoard platform and get paid for your time and services. As you establish your credentials, you will gain more avenues for increasing your income.

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MMB will help you grow your network from fixing facetime meetings, accessing different board opportunities to a long-lasting relationship. Building your network while attending different courses can help you grow your skillset and business.

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