Use Advisory Boards as development tools to grow your business.
  • A Advisory Board is a group of young non-executive employees handpicked to work with the senior executive board of directors to bring the current generation’s new and diverse perspectives on key issues affecting the business. Gucci, Accor Group of hotels, and Mahindra in India have used Advisory Boards to bring new and fresh views to increase business. Advisory Board also provides a leadership pipeline of future directors on the board and tomorrow’s Managing Directors.
  • An Advisory Group, on the other hand, is a group of senior established Directors to advise the senior executive board. The senior executive board presents their business decisions and ideas to get views from the advisory board which has handled such situations before. The Advisory board is therefore like a sounding board to the executive board.
  • MentorMyBoard can help your Advisory Board with boardroom practices and any skill-based training that may be required for enhanced performance and unearth the potential of the next generation leaders.
  • Similarly, MentorMyBoard can help you create an Advisory Board structure and place Expert Competent Advisors according to your requirements.
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