• Access to Circle of Director: Get privileged access to a pool of directors, fellow professionals, and mentors on the tech-driven platform to chat and exchange ideas
  • Network: Build your network at our member-privileged seminars, workshops, conference, and conclaves, and also stay updated on important board-level matters.
  • Opportunities to create your personal brand: Contribute and share your knowledge to the community through blogs, research papers, and presentations on our platform to the circle of directors and create your personal brand.
  • Grow to become an effective board Member: Our curated courses and mentorship programs help you to plan your career and professional development and hone your skills to become an effective board member.

Corporate- Upskill your Teams, Get Access to a Pool of Directors for Placement, Board Assessments, Board Management, and Corporate Discounts and Privileges.

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Subscription plan for circle of directors with free usage for 15 days

Board Leader Plan
₹ 7500/Year

Subscription for circle of directors with leadership membership plan for our directors

Board Expert Plan
₹ 15000/Year

Subscription for circle of directors with expert membership plan for our expert directors

Platinum Leader Plan
₹ 30000/Year

Subscription for circle of directors with platinum membership plan for our exclusive director

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