Are you hesitant to speak in the Boardroom!

Are you afraid to speak up during meetings?

Do you have similar thoughts (a) didn’t have good ideas (b) didn’t want to appear too loud or aggressive (c) were afraid of being wrong etc.?

These are some very relatable and basic question that every director whether independent or promoter director has in his minds while attending a Boardroom meet. Feeling intimidated in the Boardroom can happen to the most confident of people. Learning to be less influenced by the behaviors of people around you, allows you to stand your ground with greater ease. While different people hesitate from speaking up for different reasons, yet underneath these varied reasons are typically coming from the same root cause: a feeling of fear based on the assessment that speaking up is somehow risky.

What should you do if you encounter such problem in the Boardroom?

Here are some basic tips that cam help you speak content with confidence in the Boardroom as well as present yourself well in front of the Board:

a.     Do your Homework well – It is extremely important for Board members to read the agenda thoroughly and be well prepared. It is advisable to chart out queries and vital discussion points from the agenda in a separate paper. Also backing your points with certain cases and facts would help you make a strong point in the Boardroom.

b.     Ease into the conversation – Asking probing questions to better understand others’ viewpoints, suggestions and proposals is one of the easiest ways to engage in a meeting and can lead to more robust understanding and fruitful discussion for all attending.

c.      Solicit feedback after making a viewpoint – This practice specifically helps to involve the audience i.e. the rest of the Board to listen to you actively and be a part of the discussion. Also, it is very essential to create a feedback loop in which you are always taking suggestions and incorporating them into your preparation for the next meeting.

d.     Hold your body ‘confident’ - At meetings, hold your body as if you’re confident and have an important perspective to share. This includes good posture, leaning in, holding direct eye contact and generally being more expansive with your body. Holding your body “as if” primes your mind for confidence and sets you up to speak more freely.

e.     Choose appropriate words before making a viewpoint – On one hand when it is important to speak at the meeting, on the other hand it is equally important to choose right words to make a strong viewpoint.

f.       Dress well – One of the most helpful ways to develop confidence and seek other’s attention is to dress well and appropriately as per the occasion. It is very simple, if you look good, you automatically feel good.

Try to apply these basic tips into your day-to-day activities and witness a huge change in your presentation in the Boardroom.


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