Essential HOWs of Boardroom!

Aforementioned are few important HOWs that every director or aspiring director thinks about or encounters either before or after getting into the Boardroom.Let us try to answer each HOW and understand the value of each HOW in practicality:

1.     How to make yourself Boardroom ready?

The first and the foremost question that comes to the minds of every aspiring director i.e. ‘How to make yourself Boardroom ready?’ Here are some important tips that can help you get ready for Board positions:

·        Consider your motivations for being a Board member

·        Consider the sector you are more interested to serve and how can you add value to such sectors as a Board member

·        Design your Board profile in such a manner that people know your Board ambitions

·        Be financially literate and understand directors’ duties

·        Create a professional pitch encompassing your vision, competence and value that your can bring to the table as a Board member

·        Most important – Start to think like a director and be confident in your approach

2.     How to participate in Boardrooms?

Another essential question that most of the Board members seek answer to is ‘How to participate in Boardrooms?’ – What all points your can make in the Boardroom and get your voice heard to the people out there.

·     Make yourself available in the Boardroom atleast 3-5 minutes prior to the meeting, so that your feel comfortable with the room environment and people around

·       Be well prepared with the topic of discussion in the Boardroom. If you are unaware of the topic, give time to listen to people around and take points

·        Be appropriately dressed in the Boardroom. This will boost your confidence and your presentation styles inside the Boardroom.

3.     How to speak up on important issues and make your VOICE heard?

Follow these tips and you will be able to address important issues and make your VOICE heard:

·        Understand and relate to sensitive issues of the Company like Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption, POSH, Whistleblowing etc.

·        Gain insights on aforementioned issues and keep yourself updated

·        Make relevant points on the said topics and be a torch bearer for the protection of rights of the stakeholders

4.     How to ask relevant questions in the meeting?

Asking relevant questions in the Boardroom is the need of the hour. In order to bring an issue to the limelight and seek appropriate answers to it, it is essential that members of the Board ask specific questions. Here are some ways that can help you ask relevant questions in the Boardroom:

·        Be a good listener. Develop a habit of listening to the views and opinions Board members

·        Be prepared with appropriate facts, figures and data to support your question and make it relevant

·        Do not ask questions only for the sake of asking rather be prepared to counter answer the same with a valid logic if asked to justify

·        Have a thought process before asking questions and then take due time to formulate appropriate questions

5.     How to portray yourself as a leader in the Boardroom?

Here are few ways you can be on the front foot of strengthening your personal brand within your organization and beyond.

·        Explore your

·        Upskill yourself

·        Spotlight your

·        Request feedback and work upon the same

6.     How to introduce diversity in Boardrooms?

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) are integral parts of organizational culture and are considered to be one of the best ways’ companies could bring purpose and values to lives. Organizations with diverse voices are able to innovate holistic solutions to business and social challenges, encourage creative thinking, build positive mindset and succeed engagement with all its stakeholders.

·       Introduce Diversity and Inclusion as one of the essential pillars of good governance in the Boardroom

·      Introduce a perspective where all the Board members move forward to respect all the genders at workplace irrespective of the caste, sex, creed, religion and more

·        As a director, set the tone from the top and initiate measures to create a safe and inclusive work environment

7.     How to study agenda and get well prepared for the meeting?

·         Treat meeting agenda as the Bible

·         If you are provided with an electronic copy of agenda, try to get prints of the same to make it more convenient to read and understand

·         Try to read the entire agenda before the meeting and highlight important areas where you would like to make a point

·         Research on latest updates on the topics highlighted by you

·         Draft specific relevant questions on highlighted points

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