Top 10 Questions to Ask in Boardrooms!

Great Boardroom questions begin with an intention!

Are you prepared to deal with Boardroom agenda?

If not, prepare how you will ask your questions. Here are few tips to remember:

a.      Build a bridge to dialogue

b.     Identify what you need to know and understand about the situation

c.      Ask for permission to share your perspective       

Now, here are top 10 questions that directors must ask in Boardrooms to be better prepared for what’s to come?

a.      Is the Board truly thinking globally?

b.     How can companies leverage glocalization?

c.      What measures is the Company willing to take to ensure cyber-security and data privacy?

d.     Where is the data risk in the organization?

e.     What is included in the Company’s innovation ecosystem?

f.       What new business models should the Company be thinking about?

g.      How does the Board balance innovation and risk?

h.     On which areas should the Board spend more time?

i.        How is the Board planning to manage its stakeholders?

j.       How can Board bring right voices on the table?

To all the directors and aspiring directors, get read to ask right questions in the Boardroom. Be a member with MentorMyBoard and get the right handholding by industry experts.


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